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Thoughts on Training for the Experienced Runner

Being out of the sport for 3 years has had its downsides (namely the elliptical). On the other hand, it's also been a chance to learn a bit about what my body has held onto over a period of 3 years of not running, and what it lost.

1. Aerobic strength has been least affected. A month or so into my return, I was able to run 10 miles at a strong pace, close to the paces I ran at my top fitness. Of course I couldn't do it day after day, but it was surprising to me how easy it's been to get back to running 70+ minutes.

2. Muscle strength/resiliency has been most effected. While the aerobic engine is still strong, my tendons and muscles -- the chassis to the aerobic engine -- have been slower to adapt to the demands of training.

3. Sustained "hard effort" running is coming back steadily, but slowly. My ability to run faster paces and intervals, from marathon pace to 5k pace is increasing week to week. It's fun to feel like I'm on the improvement curve there, b…