Okay, another post about numbers.

Yesterday I passed the 3650 miles for the last 365 days. It was this week last year that I recovered from my achilles tendinitis enough to begin training. (It's almost totally healed now.)

Some stats from the 365 days:

Lowest mileage week: 25, week of Dec. 1. (I only ran two days that week, as my left quad was bothering me.) This was the only week I didn't hit at least 40 miles.
Highest mileage week: 111, week of Feb 2. That's an all-time high for me. I had four weeks over 100 miles this year.
Weeks above 80 miles: 19
Weeks above 60 miles: 36
Doubles: 73
Days off: 21
Highest Monthly Mileage: January, 09: 360 miles
Lowest Monthly Mileage: June, 09: 231 miles
# of races: 15
# of PRs: 2 (HM 1:12:51, 50k trail 3:51:33)



  1. That's amazing! I was pretty happy when I hit 70 over a 7 day period!

  2. Nice work, Jeff!

    I'm just glad to be running again.


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