"Running as Art: Tolerance, Temperament, and the Ineffable"

Here is an open access link to the post-prints of "Running as Art: Tolerance, Temperament, and the Ineffable." This essay was first written in response to a call for papers on the topic of the ineffable by the American Philosophies Forum.

I think that readers of this blog will enjoy it! Any institutional use of this work should credit the Journal of Speculative Philosophy.


  1. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this. It always feels like Christmas when you make a blog post, where I can't wait to unwrap the presents. Unusually, I actually sat on this one for a few days, wanting to find a time when I could truly savor it.

    Being obtuse, it took me a few slow and careful readings to digest but I feel so much the richer for it. Although I loved the beautiful relation to running, there is much more to take away here. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Jeremy -- hoping to find some time to write more this week. Probably the parts that made you feel obtuse were the academic jargon that is sort of the cost of doing business in academia. Appreciative of your thoughts here.

  2. Jeff - I won't pretend that understood everything, but I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks. Also resonated - so many times I've started the exercise (ha!) of writing a running blog, only to stop partway in, thinking...I don't have the words to say, and no one would understand them the right way (the way I intend - the way I understand them) anyway...

    1. Good luck with the blog. Running is tough to write about but I found that with practice it got easier. Keep running and writing -- appreciate the comment!

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