Sub 2:30 or Bust

The first few strides down a long road. I'm hoping to take my big swing on October 17 at the Baystate Marathon. I guess I will do weekly updates on my training here.

I'm following a plan from Bill Squires' book Speed with Endurance. Right now I'm in just a general base building phase. The watchwords are cautious and conservative.

Week One Summary
85 miles in 9 runs
Key workouts: 8 x 1:20 hills,
17 miles w. 1-3-1-5-1-3 minute surges,
Lots of easy running with the boys and a few strides.

Legs feel good.

From H. D. Thoreau:
"But the walking of which I speak has nothing in it akin to taking exercise, as it is called, as the sick take medicine at stated hours — as the swinging of dumb-bells or chairs; but is itself the enterprise and adventure of the day."


  1. Hi Jeff, I'm enjoying your blog and I've also printed one of them and passed it to a colleague. I'll be watching your target for a sub 2:30 because that's what I'll want to do soon. I've got a marathon on 31st May and I'm aiming for 2:35.

  2. Jeff, I know you have it in you! Have you been ok with all the flooding?

  3. Excellent! I'm sending you good vibes. Plus this is the first post of yours I've understood in a while. ;-)

  4. i'd promise to pace you for that event, but i have to take someone to the airport that day.


  5. Thanks, folks, for the encouragement and the laughs. Ace, good thing you're gonna be at the airport because you'd need a plane to pace me. And not just because I'm going to be in Massachusetts.

  6. Nice!. I just ran a smidge of that course with the Good Times series. Here's hoping for a perfect race for ya.

  7. I already bought my ticket for the after-party. Gonna be crazy up in that piece.


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