2010 by the numbers

2:35:54, a new marathon PR.
15:49, tied my post-college 5k PR on the track.
3372 miles.
402 hours.
118 miles in my biggest week.
64 days off.
42 blog posts.
11 races.
4 wins.
1 DNF.


  1. Quite an impressive year, Jeff, total distance and times both. Of special interest to me is how, in the doing of it, you also managed to find the time to make 42 blog posts! Congratulations on all!

  2. Thanks, Dallas! The key to it all was neglecting personal relationships and professional responsibilities. It's pretty straightforward if you've got your priorities wacked. ;)

    Happy New Year!

  3. people who count stuff are messed up.

  4. Numbers are a part of the game. Which is more essential--quantity or quality? An idea for a new post?


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